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Fun Free Activities

Fun Free Activities

You have some time on your hands.  Whether it is for spring break or the weekend, what are you going to do?

For the outdoor adventure types:

Lucky for us, we live in what’s called the Natural State.  That means that there is so much free-living outside of our car or our home that we may not be aware of.  Don’t under-estimate the value of sunshine, fresh air or creation.  These outdoor spaces are within 30 minutes of Conway.  You may enjoy walking, biking, swimming, sunbathing, frisbee golf, volleyball, hiking, mountain biking and more.   

  • Tucker Creek Walking/Bike trail
  • Beaverfork Lake
  • Lake Conway
  • Cadron Settlement Park
  • Bell Slough State Wildlife Refuge
  • Woolly Hollow State Park

You can Google each site to see what’s available in each area.

is a website or free app that you can download for your phone with information about trails close by.  It gives details about the length and difficulty of each trail.

For the history buffs:

  • Faulkner County Museum

Located on the Historic Faulkner County Courthouse Grounds, the museum showcases items from Faulkner County prehistory and history as well as maintains six major types of collections, including archival and documentary materials, art by Faulkner County artists, a teaching collection, an image collection, a research and reference collection, and a collection of historic and prehistoric objects. 

  • Pickles Gap Village

An interesting little stop along Highway 65 North of Conway. Has a petting zoo, a fudge shop, an antique store, a gun/knife store and even a store for all your quilting/crafting needs.

  • Cadron Settlement Park

Located on AR-319 W off Highway 64; facilities include the Blockhouse restoration, the Cherokee Trail of Tears, a historical mural of this pioneer settlement, markers, and interpretive signs. Cadron Settlement Park is a National Historic site because of its French trading post roots.

For art lovers:

  • Baum Art Gallery at UCA is an educational art museum that features national and international touring exhibitions, sponsor juried student shows, and cooperates across disciplines to curate original exhibits distinctly suited to an academic environment. Check online for a list of current and upcoming exhibits.

For the science-minded:

  • The Dr. Edmond E. Griffin Planetarium, located on the UCA campus, serves as an astronomy and science education resource center for central Arkansas. The planetarium is part of the outreach component of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and as such, it supports astronomy teaching on campus, as well as, offers planetarium shows to school groups and the general public.  Check online for public showing dates and times.

Miscellaneous activities:

  • The Faulkner County Library offers our teens and tweens opportunities through literacy and education that will encourage the use of imagination, creativity and intellectual freedom. Check our online calendar for upcoming activities.

Stay informed about events happening in and around Conway with this online calendar.

Have fun checking out all the fun free things to do!

Accessories - The Finishing Touch For Every Outfit

Accessories - The Finishing Touch For Every Outfit

You’ve put together a snappy outfit, now for the finishing touch…accessories. No look is complete without them.  2020 brings with it bold trends, some sure to become your new favorites.

Chunky Boots made the cut and will be around for another season; the chunkier, the better.  With a dress or jeans, around the house or a night out on the town, chunky is your go-to boot.

Platform Sandals move to center stage.  Not only do you get some added height, but they are ultra-comfy and look great with wide-leg pants, dresses and vintage wear.

Square is back!  Whether it be strappy sandals or pumps, you’ll be seeing square toes a lot.

Mary Janes have been a closet staple for years.  2020 is time to make room for some stylish Mary Jane pumps.  Just like her little sister, Mary Jane pumps are practical and a little bit flirty.   

Bags, Bags, Bags are out there in all shapes, sizes and colors.  From big super-size softies that hold almost anything to small soft feminine clutches.  Choose from street-savvy Bucket Bags for women on the go, multicolored bags, bags with fringe and matching mini bags to go with your bag.  There is a statement bag for every outfit.

Sunglasses shapes take a back seat to color this year.  Not just for function anymore, color is a bold way to flash your style.

Boutonnieres come out of the closet.  Adorning a lapel or a wide-brimmed hat, take advantage of this chic way to accent your outfit.

Large Chain Necklaces and Hoop Earrings stay strong.  A new jewelry trend you’ll see is clear or transparent pieces made from glass or acrylic.  

Padded Head Bands and Wide Waist Belts will be seen across all venues, as well as Bucket Hats and Silk Scarf wrapped heads.

Tis the season for all things Raffia.  Find the plant fiber woven into bags, shoes, and belts.  This is a must-have for 2020.

Have fun vamping up your personal style!

Friendship - Good For Your Happiness And Health

Friendship - Good For Your Happiness And Health

It may have been at the park, in your neighborhood or at a new school…            "go make some friends."  We’ve all heard that.  So, what is the point about making friends?  Why are friends important?

Aside from the obvious, there are a lot of studies that show the emotional and physiological benefits of having friends.  Let’s take a look…

Happiness Is Contagious

If a friend of ours is happy, we’re more likely to be happy too. The happiest people are the most social. The need to belong is foundational, so get out there and get your happy on.

Friends Skip the Small Talk

When was the last time you had a girl’s night?  If you can’t remember, it’s been too long.  The people in your life who say what’s on their mind are priceless.  Don’t lose those people.

Friends Reduce Stress

When we are frazzled or are having a hard day, we turn to friends.  Women are more likely to do this than men, which is why women are less likely to suffer the effects of stress.

Friends Keep You Razor-Sharp.

Above-average cognitive performance in “super-agers” (people over 80 years old) is related to social integration, engagement with family, and emotional support from a social network.

Friends Help You Live Longer.

When researchers asked more than 90,000 women how much social support they had, those who said they had more support were more likely to still be living in a follow-up years later. Friendships don’t just make our lives better; they make them longer. Women who have at least one confidant survive longer after surgery for breast cancer.  GIRL POWER!

Friendships Improve Our Health

How many of us started an exercise regimen, a mindset to quit vaping or to stop an unhealthy habit and after a while wanted to quit?  Friends hold us accountable and walk with us through the “I quit” moment. 

Social support wards off depression and suicide. People who are lonely tend to have higher blood pressure and other risk factors for heart disease, and they’re more likely to “give up” or “quit trying” to deal with a stressor such as illness.  Take care of your friends.  They need you.

Our Friends Help Us Feel Optimistic

Daily social support is a key factor in feeling optimistic. Optimism, in turn, increases our satisfaction with life and lowers our risk of depression.  When we have social support, our visual perception of challenges changes: mountains look more like molehills. 

If you have friends, make sure that they know how much they mean to you.  

Make more friends; you can never have too many.

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2020 Fashion Trends - A New Decade

2020 Fashion Trends - A New Decade

A new decade, but fashion trends for 2020 are more of your vintage favorites going as far back as the ’70s.  If you aren’t the vintage type, there are many modern styles sticking around so you’ll have fun updating your closet for spring.  Read on to learn about 2020’s hottest fashion throwbacks.

Flare Jeans are still a hot ticket and now we are seeing full-fledged Bell Bottoms.  Rock them with platform heels and a crop top. 

Platform Heels and Chunky Soles are all the rage with everything from romantic summer dresses and short shorts.

Ankle Chains make a comeback but this time around its about flashing gold and silver statement pieces.  Check out shoes that have the bling built into the ankle strap for instant style.

Bra Tops steal some of the limelight away from Crop Tops this season.  Paired with high waisted skirts or pants, you’re all set for spring and summer.

Crochet pieces in bright bold colors.  Not unlike Grandma’s doilies, but with a cool modern spin for skirts, tops and dresses.

Puffed Sleeves will stick around.  Pair them with some skinny jeans to balance the retro look.

Fringed skirts make a flirty statement.  To avoid the cowgirl look wear them with an oversized sweater and flats.

Hot Pants and Bermuda Shorts – A sassy look for evening or a new twist on business casual, shorts are an item this year.  Slick black stockings with hot pants take the look more places.  Paired with a blazer and sneakers, Bermuda shorts go nine to five.

Polka Dots on a maxi, mini, lacey or not, the dot is in the driver’s seat this season.  Big and bold, small and cute, polka dots are a 2020 fashion staple.

The Disco Collar is back and is as swanky as ever.  The updated super collar for jackets, button-downs and coats are seen with contrasting colors, so the look stands out.

Denim Dresses stay strong and are the perfect pairing for platform heels and big hair.

Bigger Hoop Earrings, Chunkier Necklaces and Pearls are the jewelry trends to look for this season.

Have fun taking your trip back in time with 2020’s fashion trends.