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Accessories 101

Accessories 101

Although accessories are not the main affair, they sure can be a lot of fun and add just the right amount of zest to your outfit.  2021 brings a few new twists and resurrects some old favorites.  Enjoy!

Slipper shoes - a comfortable, anti-fashion shoe is spring’s most unusual proposition

Exotic wraps – a new way to layer without losing comfort or elegance

Market Totes and Straw Bags - humble and handmade in everything from recycled t-shirts to macramé

Hi-top Sandals - equally provocative and walkable, demure or vampish, depending on how you style them

Phone Lanyards – a necessity for the forgetful ones, phones never to be left at home again

Face Masks - not going anywhere anytime soon, designers are adding flair like filters, chains, and bows.

Simple, Medium-Size Bags - in basic colors—black, white, red—and classic silhouettes, these are anti-trend bags

Water Bottles and Holders - one of the easiest ways for us to reduce our environmental impact is to give up single-use plastics, made easier by the snappy bottles and holders

Organza Scrunchies – soft and feminine flair for the hair

Ultra-wide Headbands – not just for athletics anymore and the colors add a special kind of pop

Head Scarves – Thelma and Louise would be proud, but scarves are not just for riding with the top down anymore

Beaded Headbands – fun animal prints and other themes like the cosmos and rainbow hues.

Braided Headbands – elegance for your hair, pulling together your outfit

Western Hats – bring out your inner cowgirl and top off the look with western boots

Mini Jaw Clips – they’re back and just as cute as ever, arrange anywhere throughout the hair with reckless abandon

Claw Clips – with dainty, delicate details and in pretty golden finishes

Colorful Beads - like the ones you made at summer camp, but way more chic

Mismatched Earrings – a great way to keep wearing the earrings you lost the match for and your looking fly

Charms – for your bracelets and necklaces, a great way to express yourself

Pendants – big chains are here to stay, but make sure yours stands out even more with a large pendant

Pearls – seriously updated and with some interesting new looks

Double Ball Earrings - stylish from the front or back

Super Long Necklaces and Pendants – if chokers aren’t your thing, you’ll love these, wear over everything

Layered Look – different lengths of chains and styles grouped together
Back to School Fashion Fall 2020

Back to School Fashion Fall 2020

Fashion never takes a back seat, not even for COVID-19, but fashion did get a surprise with the debut of a new accessory that no one saw coming, the face mask.

You can’t talk about back to school fashion without considering face masks.  Instead of contemplating how much of a pain they are, why not look at the bright side and see how much fun you can have accessorizing your outfits.

There are a lot of snappy designs out there to compliment every look in your closet. Check out some mask options below or for some DIY mask ideas:

  • Denim Masks – Denim on Denim is a fall trend that easily accommodates a face mask. You can’t get any more chic than multiple denim pieces paired with a denim face mask.  Plus, denim goes with just about anything so a denim mask is a must have.  If you’re crafty, a mask made from a back pocket of some jeans is a unique idea or a denim patchwork mask. 
  • Flannel and Plaid Masks – Plaids are back, and flannel is always a go-to fabric for that. Try mixing up the plaids or have fun matching plaids from top to bottom.
  • Sweater Masks – Fuzzy sweaters and sweater dresses are trendy this fall so naturally you’ll want a sweater mask. Your Grandmother, or other crochet or knitting friend, would probably like nothing better than to help you upscale your outfits.
  • Animal Print Masks – Animal prints continue to claim a piece of center stage this fall so of course you’ll see lots of animal print masks.
  • Leather Masks – No surprise here, leather lends itself to the mask accessory. Pair it with or without other leather pieces, either way it is a statement piece.
  • Autumnal Print Masks – Everyone looks forward to fall with the colors, temperatures, and textures, so take a little piece of autumn with you wherever you go with fall print masks.
  • Logomania Masks – Show off your favorite brands, sports team or favorite celebrity, anything goes. Be sure to remember that masks, just like other attire, must be school appropriate.
  • Bedazzled Masks – No one said masks must be plain. Take a walk on the wild side and be creative.

Whatever your mask choices are fashionista’s, try to have fun while you’re being safe.  Think of masks as just another accessory to be mastered.