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Accessories 101

Accessories 101

Although accessories are not the main affair, they sure can be a lot of fun and add just the right amount of zest to your outfit.  2021 brings a few new twists and resurrects some old favorites.  Enjoy!

Slipper shoes - a comfortable, anti-fashion shoe is spring’s most unusual proposition

Exotic wraps – a new way to layer without losing comfort or elegance

Market Totes and Straw Bags - humble and handmade in everything from recycled t-shirts to macramé

Hi-top Sandals - equally provocative and walkable, demure or vampish, depending on how you style them

Phone Lanyards – a necessity for the forgetful ones, phones never to be left at home again

Face Masks - not going anywhere anytime soon, designers are adding flair like filters, chains, and bows.

Simple, Medium-Size Bags - in basic colors—black, white, red—and classic silhouettes, these are anti-trend bags

Water Bottles and Holders - one of the easiest ways for us to reduce our environmental impact is to give up single-use plastics, made easier by the snappy bottles and holders

Organza Scrunchies – soft and feminine flair for the hair

Ultra-wide Headbands – not just for athletics anymore and the colors add a special kind of pop

Head Scarves – Thelma and Louise would be proud, but scarves are not just for riding with the top down anymore

Beaded Headbands – fun animal prints and other themes like the cosmos and rainbow hues.

Braided Headbands – elegance for your hair, pulling together your outfit

Western Hats – bring out your inner cowgirl and top off the look with western boots

Mini Jaw Clips – they’re back and just as cute as ever, arrange anywhere throughout the hair with reckless abandon

Claw Clips – with dainty, delicate details and in pretty golden finishes

Colorful Beads - like the ones you made at summer camp, but way more chic

Mismatched Earrings – a great way to keep wearing the earrings you lost the match for and your looking fly

Charms – for your bracelets and necklaces, a great way to express yourself

Pendants – big chains are here to stay, but make sure yours stands out even more with a large pendant

Pearls – seriously updated and with some interesting new looks

Double Ball Earrings - stylish from the front or back

Super Long Necklaces and Pendants – if chokers aren’t your thing, you’ll love these, wear over everything

Layered Look – different lengths of chains and styles grouped together
2020 Fashion Trends - A New Decade

2020 Fashion Trends - A New Decade

A new decade, but fashion trends for 2020 are more of your vintage favorites going as far back as the ’70s.  If you aren’t the vintage type, there are many modern styles sticking around so you’ll have fun updating your closet for spring.  Read on to learn about 2020’s hottest fashion throwbacks.

Flare Jeans are still a hot ticket and now we are seeing full-fledged Bell Bottoms.  Rock them with platform heels and a crop top. 

Platform Heels and Chunky Soles are all the rage with everything from romantic summer dresses and short shorts.

Ankle Chains make a comeback but this time around its about flashing gold and silver statement pieces.  Check out shoes that have the bling built into the ankle strap for instant style.

Bra Tops steal some of the limelight away from Crop Tops this season.  Paired with high waisted skirts or pants, you’re all set for spring and summer.

Crochet pieces in bright bold colors.  Not unlike Grandma’s doilies, but with a cool modern spin for skirts, tops and dresses.

Puffed Sleeves will stick around.  Pair them with some skinny jeans to balance the retro look.

Fringed skirts make a flirty statement.  To avoid the cowgirl look wear them with an oversized sweater and flats.

Hot Pants and Bermuda Shorts – A sassy look for evening or a new twist on business casual, shorts are an item this year.  Slick black stockings with hot pants take the look more places.  Paired with a blazer and sneakers, Bermuda shorts go nine to five.

Polka Dots on a maxi, mini, lacey or not, the dot is in the driver’s seat this season.  Big and bold, small and cute, polka dots are a 2020 fashion staple.

The Disco Collar is back and is as swanky as ever.  The updated super collar for jackets, button-downs and coats are seen with contrasting colors, so the look stands out.

Denim Dresses stay strong and are the perfect pairing for platform heels and big hair.

Bigger Hoop Earrings, Chunkier Necklaces and Pearls are the jewelry trends to look for this season.

Have fun taking your trip back in time with 2020’s fashion trends.



The fashion gurus have spoken.  Retro is back, along with some other fascinating trends.  Get ready for…

Capes – in tweed, animal prints and snappy colors.

Longline Coats – wool, plaid or puffy coats that skim your ankles.  Fall is about having a statement coat.

Boxy Jackets – tweed, plaid and leather for the “Tomboyish” style, paired with pants or skirts.  Look for faux fur, leather or lambswool.

Mixed Patterns and Textures – stripes with plaid, eclectic prints, mixed textures, and metallic accents all thrown together for the classic bohemian edge.  Layers, layers, layers.

Purple, Purple, Purple – anything from lavender to rich orchid hues.  Go for monochromatic or a touch with lavender accessories.

Fall is Feline – hang on the leopard animal prints and mix them up with florals for an unconventional artistic feel.

Blacklight Neons – dazzle the streets with neons that are showstoppers alone or paired together for a statement look.

Soft Silky Satin – breathtaking style with not only the sleek look but with show-stopping neon hues.

Asymmetrical Necklines – the “I just threw it on” look is a good segue from off-shoulder tops. 

Quilty Pleasures – from boots to dresses to coats, patchwork is in.

Fleece – a winter staple, you can’t go wrong with a fleece jacket, pullover or vest.

Dark Romantic Florals and Ruffles – still a wardrobe must-have for winter.

Power Shoulders – the broad shoulders and the small waist silhouette is showing its face again.  You can snatch it up for smart business wear or a bedazzled evening dress.

Brighter, Bolder Accessories – trade-in neutrals for attention-grabbing color.  Red is still the go-to color.     

Itty Bitty Bags – combine with some other trends and make it snakeskin, animal print or red.

Feathers Everywhere – accents of feathers adorn everything from top to bottom including shoes and jeans.

Rhinestones, Sequins, Glitter – more is better on bags, belts gowns and hairpieces.

Chunky Chain Necklaces and Gallery Inspired Earrings - make a big splash with something artsy and eccentric.

Combat Boots – they’re back and clunkier than ever with maxi or miniskirts. 

Socks with Sandals – there is no holding back on this one.  What was once a fashion faux pas is now a fashion trendsetter. Sheer socks with strappy sandals or bright colors with platform slides.  The sky is the limit.

Get a little kooky and wild with your winter wardrobe.  Have some fun with it!

Back To School Fashion Trends 2019

Back To School Fashion Trends 2019

It’s hard to believe but summer is almost gone. With fall fast approaching, we want to talk back to school fashion trends. Fall trends are calling for lots of color including bright neons and electric colors, bold accessories, layers and white after Labor Day! Master the perfect fall outfit by converting your spring and summer pieces into cooler temperature looks using the following trends and cute outfit ideas. You’ll be ready for the cold weather in style!

Fall Fashion Trends

Iridescent Accessories - are a hot item this fall including space-age metallic complete with a NASA logo patch.

Teeny Tiny Accessories - small purses and clutches that hold the minimal amount of essentials.

Boiler Suits and Jumpsuits - overalls with a lot more spunk. Add a belt or bandana around your neck or waist to personalize your look.

White after Labor Day - staple white pieces have a longer street life than just the summertime. Pair your favorite pieces with fall trends (this year, neons and leopard print) to keep them in season. Winter white booties are still an edgy addition anytime of year. Make sure to keep them clean.

Ultra Long Skirts, Maxi Skirts and Patterned Midi Skirts - are on the runway this year. The longer length can be intimidating but embrace the length with wild leopard print, bright sweater and simple boots.

Headbands With Blazers – a hot accessory in bold colors is a headband. Be creative and pair it with your edgiest look.

Blazers With Hoodies – Throw a blazer over your comfy hoodie to transform the cozy classic into a chic outfit. Combine this with your jeans, heels and you’ve kicked it up more than a few notches.

Head Wear – Grandma’s visor, wide brim hats, bucket hats and conductor hats are trending this fall.

Cardigan Tops - Cardigans are finally cool. Button yours all the way up to replace your favorite match-everything sweater.

Oversized Puffer Jackets - are still the rage. The bigger the better.

All Coral Everything

Biker Shorts Are Everywhere - Dressed up and down, this athletic piece can be kept sporty or paired with a blazer and heel to dress it up.

Cherry Red Accents – Like a cherry on top of your favorite ice cream sundae, this accessory ties together an outfit.t like the cherry-on-top of a sundae.

Sneakers With Anything - Wear your favorite gym shoes with a ruffled skirt or dress. Anything goes.

Other Trends This Fall:

  • Neutral Animal Print
  • Romantic Suiting
  • Puff sleeves
  • Exaggerated Ruffles
  • High-Rise Cargo Pants
  • Faux Fur
  • Tracksuits
  • Socks with Sandals
What is your favorite trend this fall? Post a pic of your favorite outfit!