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Back to School Fashion Fall 2020

Back to School Fashion Fall 2020

Fashion never takes a back seat, not even for COVID-19, but fashion did get a surprise with the debut of a new accessory that no one saw coming, the face mask.

You can’t talk about back to school fashion without considering face masks.  Instead of contemplating how much of a pain they are, why not look at the bright side and see how much fun you can have accessorizing your outfits.

There are a lot of snappy designs out there to compliment every look in your closet. Check out some mask options below or for some DIY mask ideas:

  • Denim Masks – Denim on Denim is a fall trend that easily accommodates a face mask. You can’t get any more chic than multiple denim pieces paired with a denim face mask.  Plus, denim goes with just about anything so a denim mask is a must have.  If you’re crafty, a mask made from a back pocket of some jeans is a unique idea or a denim patchwork mask. 
  • Flannel and Plaid Masks – Plaids are back, and flannel is always a go-to fabric for that. Try mixing up the plaids or have fun matching plaids from top to bottom.
  • Sweater Masks – Fuzzy sweaters and sweater dresses are trendy this fall so naturally you’ll want a sweater mask. Your Grandmother, or other crochet or knitting friend, would probably like nothing better than to help you upscale your outfits.
  • Animal Print Masks – Animal prints continue to claim a piece of center stage this fall so of course you’ll see lots of animal print masks.
  • Leather Masks – No surprise here, leather lends itself to the mask accessory. Pair it with or without other leather pieces, either way it is a statement piece.
  • Autumnal Print Masks – Everyone looks forward to fall with the colors, temperatures, and textures, so take a little piece of autumn with you wherever you go with fall print masks.
  • Logomania Masks – Show off your favorite brands, sports team or favorite celebrity, anything goes. Be sure to remember that masks, just like other attire, must be school appropriate.
  • Bedazzled Masks – No one said masks must be plain. Take a walk on the wild side and be creative.

Whatever your mask choices are fashionista’s, try to have fun while you’re being safe.  Think of masks as just another accessory to be mastered.

Back To School Fashion Trends 2019

Back To School Fashion Trends 2019

It’s hard to believe but summer is almost gone. With fall fast approaching, we want to talk back to school fashion trends. Fall trends are calling for lots of color including bright neons and electric colors, bold accessories, layers and white after Labor Day! Master the perfect fall outfit by converting your spring and summer pieces into cooler temperature looks using the following trends and cute outfit ideas. You’ll be ready for the cold weather in style!

Fall Fashion Trends

Iridescent Accessories - are a hot item this fall including space-age metallic complete with a NASA logo patch.

Teeny Tiny Accessories - small purses and clutches that hold the minimal amount of essentials.

Boiler Suits and Jumpsuits - overalls with a lot more spunk. Add a belt or bandana around your neck or waist to personalize your look.

White after Labor Day - staple white pieces have a longer street life than just the summertime. Pair your favorite pieces with fall trends (this year, neons and leopard print) to keep them in season. Winter white booties are still an edgy addition anytime of year. Make sure to keep them clean.

Ultra Long Skirts, Maxi Skirts and Patterned Midi Skirts - are on the runway this year. The longer length can be intimidating but embrace the length with wild leopard print, bright sweater and simple boots.

Headbands With Blazers – a hot accessory in bold colors is a headband. Be creative and pair it with your edgiest look.

Blazers With Hoodies – Throw a blazer over your comfy hoodie to transform the cozy classic into a chic outfit. Combine this with your jeans, heels and you’ve kicked it up more than a few notches.

Head Wear – Grandma’s visor, wide brim hats, bucket hats and conductor hats are trending this fall.

Cardigan Tops - Cardigans are finally cool. Button yours all the way up to replace your favorite match-everything sweater.

Oversized Puffer Jackets - are still the rage. The bigger the better.

All Coral Everything

Biker Shorts Are Everywhere - Dressed up and down, this athletic piece can be kept sporty or paired with a blazer and heel to dress it up.

Cherry Red Accents – Like a cherry on top of your favorite ice cream sundae, this accessory ties together an outfit.t like the cherry-on-top of a sundae.

Sneakers With Anything - Wear your favorite gym shoes with a ruffled skirt or dress. Anything goes.

Other Trends This Fall:

  • Neutral Animal Print
  • Romantic Suiting
  • Puff sleeves
  • Exaggerated Ruffles
  • High-Rise Cargo Pants
  • Faux Fur
  • Tracksuits
  • Socks with Sandals
What is your favorite trend this fall? Post a pic of your favorite outfit!