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Blogs — Fall Fashion 2020

Fall Fashion Must-Haves - Updated Retro

Fall Fashion Must-Haves - Updated Retro

Designers dug into their bag of tricks this year, not for just one decade in the past, but for multiple updated retro looks for the fall fashion season.

Some looks you may recognize, others maybe not, but either way fall is on the way with some fun styles to make getting dressed some fun.

Scroll on for some fall must-have ideas.

Chain Necklaces - these have been around for a few seasons.  To update the look layer several over a solid color top.

Fuzzy Sweaters – A look that fall is all about.  Try a cropped version with high-waisted cargos and work boots.

The Micro Minidress – Choose the grooviest print you can find with bold sleeves to keep the attention from top to bottom

Halter Tops - Look for an animal print or a top with matching pants.  Pair with a denim jacket.

Sheer or Glitter Tights – So fun for boots or with dresses. Pair slightly sheer tights with a long leather dress and strappy pumps, boots or rock some tights with a line on down the back or with a bow.

Tattoo Print Tops – If you don’t have tattoos, get the look without a needle.  Double up on layers of sheer contrast prints and add some edgy jewelry.

Cropped Mock Turtlenecks – Style this in monochrome so your midriff really breaks up the look with matching pants or paired with jeans.

Plaid Pants – Plaid is out there so go plaid all the way from top to bottom in bold tones or tone it down and go for wide legs. 

Groovy Print Maxis - Let your style shine and allow the pattern to speak for itself by accessorizing with nothing but a few bangles.

Rimless Color Tinted Sunglasses - Match your shades to your outfit

Platform Boots -  Get your Elton John game on with some serious leather flare pants

Bohemian Style Fringe – Rock this look with fringe anything or try for a fringe-covered sweater with ripped jeans and pointed-toe boots.

Waterfall Earrings - A fitted black turtleneck makes a sleek backdrop for your chandeliers.

Statement Scarfs – Bold as can be paired with a monochrome outfit.

Tie Die Converse  or Checkered Vans – Get the Van look you want by choosing a black and white version and make them your own with whatever colors you choose.

Long Black Coat  - Nobody does this better than Keanna Reeves in the Matrix.  Add your flair with a pop of color underneath and minimize the jewelry.

Have some fun adapting the past to your fashion personality.
Back to School Fashion Fall 2020

Back to School Fashion Fall 2020

Fashion never takes a back seat, not even for COVID-19, but fashion did get a surprise with the debut of a new accessory that no one saw coming, the face mask.

You can’t talk about back to school fashion without considering face masks.  Instead of contemplating how much of a pain they are, why not look at the bright side and see how much fun you can have accessorizing your outfits.

There are a lot of snappy designs out there to compliment every look in your closet. Check out some mask options below or for some DIY mask ideas:

  • Denim Masks – Denim on Denim is a fall trend that easily accommodates a face mask. You can’t get any more chic than multiple denim pieces paired with a denim face mask.  Plus, denim goes with just about anything so a denim mask is a must have.  If you’re crafty, a mask made from a back pocket of some jeans is a unique idea or a denim patchwork mask. 
  • Flannel and Plaid Masks – Plaids are back, and flannel is always a go-to fabric for that. Try mixing up the plaids or have fun matching plaids from top to bottom.
  • Sweater Masks – Fuzzy sweaters and sweater dresses are trendy this fall so naturally you’ll want a sweater mask. Your Grandmother, or other crochet or knitting friend, would probably like nothing better than to help you upscale your outfits.
  • Animal Print Masks – Animal prints continue to claim a piece of center stage this fall so of course you’ll see lots of animal print masks.
  • Leather Masks – No surprise here, leather lends itself to the mask accessory. Pair it with or without other leather pieces, either way it is a statement piece.
  • Autumnal Print Masks – Everyone looks forward to fall with the colors, temperatures, and textures, so take a little piece of autumn with you wherever you go with fall print masks.
  • Logomania Masks – Show off your favorite brands, sports team or favorite celebrity, anything goes. Be sure to remember that masks, just like other attire, must be school appropriate.
  • Bedazzled Masks – No one said masks must be plain. Take a walk on the wild side and be creative.

Whatever your mask choices are fashionista’s, try to have fun while you’re being safe.  Think of masks as just another accessory to be mastered.