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Halloween Doesn’t Have to be a Bust - Ideas For Great Fun

Halloween Doesn’t Have to be a Bust - Ideas For Great Fun

Everyone looks forward to all the spookiness of Halloween.  COVID doesn’t have to take that away.  There are lots of Spooktacular ways to have fun, stay safe and social distance while getting an eerie Halloween on.

Hit up your family, neighborhood, and friends to join in.

Family Ideas:

Scary movie marathon – Prepare to scream while watching any of the 56 Best Halloween favorites.  

Pumpkin carving contest -  Tap into your creative side and enjoy some toasted pumpkins seeds afterwards.

Halloween Pinata – whack a pinata to get your candy fix instead of trick or treating.

Spooky storytelling – dig deep for your scariest story to share.  Don’t forget to turn the lights out and add some special effects.  If you need help here are some good scary stories you can share.

Treasure hunt in the back yard or the house – Hide your favorite candy and gifts

Design Halloween Houses out of gingerbread – a spooky take on the traditional Christmas theme.  Click here to help you get started.

Costume contest – dress up as all the usual characters or add the 2020 touch to spice things up: Tiger King, COVID 19, Election candidates. For costume ideas, click here.

Make and eat some spooky treats – popcorn balls, candy apple bar, decorate your own cookies, candy bar.  Click here for more ideas and recipes.   

Everything can be shared with all your extended family and friends, virtually of course.

Neighborhood Ideas:

Ask your neighbors to place a Halloween icon (ghost, witch, scarecrow) outside so you can have a scavenger hunt to find them all.

Schedule an outdoor parade so everyone can see you in all your Halloween reverie.  Make sure to have a photo booth.

Organize a block party with pumpkin basketball, pumpkin and gourd bowling, gourd goofy golf or bob for doughnuts.   Click here for more Spooktacular ideas.


Friend Ideas:

Drive over to your friend’s houses and stand outside and show off.  Take turns and make sure to take plenty of selfies to share.

Challenge your friends to decorate their cars and drive around town listening to scary tunes.   Click here for decorating ideas.

Have a few close friends over to do everything already said.  Just remember to wear masks, social distance and wash your spooky hands.

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  • LaShundra Robinson