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Education Choices & Your Future

Education Choices & Your Future

If you are a senior this year you have a few more weeks until graduation, the unofficial start of your future.  If you aren’t graduating this year then you have more time to think about when it is your turn. 

Graduation from high school is exciting, it is a magnificent accomplishment, but it can also be a bit terrifying. Terrifying you say, how is that possible?  I’ve looked forward to this moment for years; to finally be out on my own, making my own choices, running my own show. 

That’s the terrifying part, the time has come.  You’re going to be deciding about what to do next.  Maybe you’ve already decided.  Maybe you’ve given it some thought, maybe you haven’t.  You have lots of options.

Certainly, college as an option has come up, but college isn’t for everyone, right?  Wrong.  College is education past high school and includes various kinds of certificates, apprentice programs, technical training, as well as, an associate or bachelor’s degree.   College is for everyone if that is what you want.  If money is an issue, there are federal grants, state scholarships and special programs for certain skilled areas.  Check out the Arkansas Workforce Challenge Scholarship and other ideas at

If you need some ideas about high paying skilled professions that don’t require a four-year degree, can also hook you up with 17 jobs that are hot right now.

For the last two years, the top in-demand jobs for high, moderate and basic skill levels have remained consistent in Arkansas.  Jobs range all the way from financial managers to personal care aides.  In demand means that there are openings now and expected in the future, which increases your chance to land one.  Keep up with the Hot 45 at

If more school is not what you are looking for, the military is a good option that trains you and gives you money for more education later.  Entering the workforce immediately works for people who just aren’t sure right now.

Whatever you choose, there are some things that you will not miss about high school.

  • All the drama…enough said.
  • Trying to fit in. Be yourself and have fun.
  • Cliques aren’t really a thing anymore. You pick who you hang out with.
  • You never have to see your classmates again, unless you want to.

You don’t have to have the rest of your life planned out you just need a place to start.  Pick one and get started.  Good Luck!!!

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  • LaShundra Robinson