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Body Types - Which type are you?

Body Types - Which type are you?

Have you ever tried on the latest trend and then looked at yourself in the mirror only to say ugh???   We all have. It doesn’t take long to figure out some things don’t look good on us.  Why is that?  We have different body types.

When you know your body type, you can choose clothing that flatters your positives and minimizes your negatives, it’s a win-win for fashion and you.

Take the body quiz to find out your type. It doesn’t have to be this one, but it’s a place to start.

Nobody wants to waste their time or money on clothes that hang in the closet because they don’t look good. Knowing your type and what styles flatter you helps you to choose clothes and tweak them in a way that matches your style.

Dress for Your Body Type:  Apple, Hourglass, Pear, Rectangle, or Inverted Triangle.

An Apple Body Shape

The apple-shaped figure has a heavier upper body when compared to the lower part of the body. People with this body type usually have broad shoulders and a bigger bust line.

Since most of the weight and concentration is above the hips, the waistline appears heavy.  The goal is to take the attention away from that part of your body and highlight your assets. Try to flaunt your legs or wear the dress with V or deep V necklines that created an elongated illusion of the torso.

A-line or empire cuts are ideal for you. Printed dresses or patterned jackets that add a layer help to shift the focus. Monochrome looks, dark colors, full or 3/4th sleeves, and flowy tops will help. Try flared bottoms; palazzos etc. to create balance. Make sure that you are wearing the right bra.

An Hour-Glass Body Shape

This body type is the most balanced with proportionate top and bottom parts of the body with a well-defined waistline. When you look for clothes, choose the ones that accentuate your well-balanced figure and ones that follow the natural flow of your curves.

Dresses that cinch at the waist will be your best fit. Sweetheart necklines will help you to accentuate your upper body. To flaunt your waistline, go with a belt at your natural waistline or below the belly button—either way it looks great. A-line dresses or similar cuts take care of working on the lower part of the body. Body-hugging dresses are your go to.

A Pear Body Shape

The pear-shaped body is all about the lower part of your body. Your behind and thighs are visually bigger than your upper body. Thanks to Kim Kardashian and others, this body is a rage right now.

The advantage of this body type is that you can create an illusion of an hourglass figure if you style it correctly. Your shoulders are narrow, and hips are wide, so all you must do is to strike a balance. Wear outfits that enhance your upper body.

Wide-legged pants, A-line skirts, or dresses with patterned or ruffled tops that add definition to the upper body look great. Skinny jeans with loose tops help create an hourglass illusion. Focus on the upper body to balance your bottom out.

A Rectangle Body Shape

The rectangle-shaped body is well balanced from the shoulders to the hips. There is not much definition to your silhouette, so it is straightforward.

Your arms and legs are your assets so, focus on enhancing that. It’s like the hourglass figure minus the defined waistline.

Choose A-line skirts, ruffled and layered tops. Choose dresses that add definition to your bottom and necklines that add enhance your upper body. Sleeveless, strapless, and sweetheart lines are your thing. Blazers, long jackets, and capes add the much-needed drama here.

An Inverted Triangle Body Shape?

The inverted triangle is the most athletic looking body type. Your shoulders are much broader than your hips. So, your arms and shoulders need to be enhanced as much as you can.

Remember to add definition to your hips and to focus on creating a balance. Straight-cut jeans and dresses that naturally have an inverted V-look to them are all clothes that will suit your body.

Since your hips are much narrower than your shoulders, pencil cut skirts, skinny jeans, etc. with any kind of tops will look great. Do make sure that there is not a lot of layering or definition to your upper body because it needs none. V-neck lines work well and help to create an illusion of narrow shoulders.

It’s up to you to find out what your body type is and to use it to take advantage of the fashion trends. You can rock the scene when you use what you know to make you the best you.

Best Wishes on your journey and don’t forget to let us know at 3 T’s Boutique what you discover.

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