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Fashion Myths

Fashion Myths

What you wear is your choice, or at least it should be.  Fashion rules have been around for as long as fashion has been an industry.  Who are these fashion gurus who tell you how to dress?  You are.  Rules are meant to be broken, so read along to find out about the fashion myths that are cramping your style and need to go. 

  • No white after Labor Day. White is a knockout at any time of year.  Stay away from obvious summer pieces.  Pair your white with black shoes, leggings and a sassy, black cropped jacket. 
  • Reserve your sparkly pieces for the evening. Dazzling isn’t just for the evening.  Give your daytime wear a shot of shimmer by pairing them with more casual pieces like a denim jacket or sneakers.
  • You shouldn’t wear socks with sandals. Not a faux pas anymore, when done right, this look says it all…unique and stylish.
  • Mixing prints is a no-no. Hot on the runway this year, prints rule.  Let yourself go wild and have some fun.  Pair large prints with small and keep the colors complementary.
  • You can’t wear flats with a cocktail dress. Comfort and sensible shoes are not just for daytime.  With a pair of chic sandals or ritzy flats, your evening wear will still shine.
  • Your accessories need to match. Some of the most show-stopping looks are those that mix it up in the accessory department.  Instead of trying to match your shoes and bag, try matching the colors to your outfit.  Remember to limit accessories to no more than five, this includes jewelry and fancy embellishments on your outfit like buttons.  
  • Black is always slimming. Black should not be the default rule.  A black outfit isn’t universally flattering. The trick here is fit and proportion; fit is everything. 
  • Keep gold and silver separate. Ditch this rule, if you like gold and silver, go for it.  The same goes for black and navy.  Let your creativity be your guide.
  • Short girls can’t wear long dresses. A long dress can lengthen your silhouette regardless of height.  Choose solids and pair them with a cropped jacket or wrap.  
  • Once you reach a certain age, you should change your style. Style does not have an age limit.  Do your thing.  Choose figure-flattering shapes, but not curve-hugging, and balance with structure on top.
Game on queens.  Let your personal style out of the closet and shine, shine!


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  • LaShundra Robinson